Seeking for the beauty

Always seeking the beauty surrounding me

I often find it in the most unexpected places.

When you appeared hand in hand with your lush character

you forced me to look at you both and to know who you were.


I discovered the immaculate white of your skin,

the radiance of your heavenly eyes

the shimmer of your eyes when you smile

the shine of your silver hair on a sunny day.

I was really surprised, everything in you was the light,

the glitter, the radiance and the perfect whiteness.


Suddenly, I enjoyed discovering a wonderful breach in

these carapace, a warm light of the colour of the fire

gushed, revealing an unsuspected tenderness.

And the beauty was there, it had arrived,

the beauty was your light, your strength,

your timid and reserved human’s kindness.

Simply, the beauty was: YOU.

María José Sevilla.

Ireland, Kilarnay, on the first of July 2019